Most Popular Question for 2020

Most Popular Question for 2020

The winner of the most popular question for the past month is 

"What CDC / EPA approved cleaner should I use on my table that will not harm my upholstery?"

Unfortunately the answer to this question is simple but very unpopular because the answer is...There isn't one.  The upholstery manufacturers recommend using a mild cleaner but they also have a footnote saying * All disinfectants and cleaning agents contain chemicals that degrade coated fabric upholstery to some extent. To promote a long product life.

Since your upholstery is a porous surface like your skin we suggest treating your upholstery like you do your skin and clean and needed and directed and then also oil, lotion or condition on a regular basis.

Our favorite EPA approved germicidal cleaner has been Citrus II because it marks all the boxes, ease of use, price and also doesn't have a harsh chemical odor.

Our conditioner of choice, which will give your upholstery the extra TLC that it needs during this time, is the Hill Labs Cleaner and Conditioner.

Even thought you have done all you can do to care for your upholstery it like everything else will eventually wear out so please give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate for new cushions for your table.